Sitdown Meals

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Ideal for Wedding and Corporate Functions.

Enjoy a three or four course dinner(minimum of 20 guests) at 24 Ryrie St, Geelong, in Scof’s Dining Hall, or enjoy them at an  out side venue of your choice.


Smoked Salmon Salad garnished with fried leeks
Roasted Beets with soft Meredith Goats Cheese, roquette and pickled mushroom salad, parmesan crouton
Chicken Ceasar Salad with a proscuito wafer
Peeled Pacific Prawns with Asian Spices nestled on glass noodle salad
Individual Anipasto Platter
Slithers of Sumac Crusted Lamb Loin, drapped over a warm spinach and tarragon tart and garnished with lemon yoghurt and pea tenderills
A tasting plate with a selection of 4 finger food 2 items
Soup of your choice – discuss with our chef
Confit of Pork Belly on onion jam and topped with beetroot straw
Piri Piri Chicken tenderloins nestled on sweet corn fritatta
A Night in Paris: a trio of Pork and Veal Terrine, Pate Maison and Smoked Salmon en croute

Main Meals

Baked local Seafish on a Nicoisse Salad
Grilled Eye Fillet of Portland Beef, glazed with a Shiraz Jus or Truffle Bearnaise
Ballantine of Chicken and Proscuito on a compote of leeks, raisins and pine nuts
Western Plains’ Lamb Rump or Lamb Rack with Rosemary Jus
Darne of Tasmanian Salmon with Lemon Dill Beurre Blanc
Double Duck Happiness; Leg Confit served with duck breast spring roll, mirrored on a Master Stock Reduction
Baked Breast of Chicken filled with sun dried Tomato & Ricotta Cheese moistened with a Chive Cream Sauce
Slow cooked Otway Pork Belly on an apple and fennel reduction
Individual Seafood Platter, grilled fish,tempura prawn, cajan calamari, breaded scallops, shucked oyster decked with a coz salad and wedges
Our Chef will be happy to discuss your choice of seasonal vegetables & potato to accompany your meal
Children’s Menu available on request (Under 12 years)


Melange of berries, macerated in curacao and layered between hazelnut meringue.
Tira mi su, the Italian classic for coffee lovers.
Chocolate and cognac mousse, served in chocolate baskets.
Pecan and coffee roulade.
Creme Caramel, topped with glazed orange segments.
Chocolate fudge torte, mirrored on a raspberry coulis.
Creme brulee, citrus scented rich custard, caramelised and served with almond bread.
Heavenly white chocolate mousse, nestled against a plump poached pear.
Lemon Curd Tart.
Stickey banana and fig pudding, afloat a butterscotch sauce.
Orange Almond Torte, topped with hazelnut toffee and a sprig of dusted mint.
Apple Tart Tartin
Baked Italian Fruit Pudding with butterscotch sauce and double cream.
Baked Apple and Rhubarb Tart
Chocolate and Pear Flan