Salads are only available with our packages

  • Melody of Roasted Vegetables
    Such as desiree, swede, carrot, beetroot, garlic and rosemary. Served Warm.
  • Ceasar Salad
    A stunning Ceasar Salad topped with croutons and parmasen shavings.
  • Oven Roasted Vine Tomatoes
    Drizzled with a tapenade dressing.
  • Mixed Lettuce and Snowpea Shoots
    Tossed with a simple vinaigrette
  • Chargrilled Pumpkin and Sundried Tomato
    Moistened with a balsamic and honey dressing
  • Chargrilled Vegetable Salad
    Served warm.
  • Baby Chat Potatoes
    Flavoured with a seeded mustard mayonaisse.
  • French Bean and Almond Salad
  • Roquette, Pear and Parmasen
    Topped with olive oil balsamic
  • Greek Style Salad
    With olives and fetta
  • Watermelon and Red Onion Salad
  • Fresh Fruit Platter
  • Coleslaw
    mixed with mayo or a greek style dressing.
  • Asian Noodle Salad
    Noodle based salad, includes exotic ingredients such as snopeas, tofu, kaffir lime and coriander ginger dressing.
  • Pasta Salad
    Penne pasta enhanced with mediterranean vegetables  in creamy garlic mayo.
  • Cous Cous and Roast Vegetable
  • Chorizo and Parmasen Salad
    bound together with a fresh basil mayo.
  • BBQ Corn Cobs
    Smothered with garlic and chili butter.
  • Asian style Coleslaw with thai basil and mint