Finger Foods

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 Theres just about something for everyone with our five finger food menus. Three savoury, one sweet, and mini meals are a delightful treat. Why nor pick and choose from across the menu’s? Or if your having a dinner party why not have some finger foods for a light entrée? Contact us to start tailoring your menu

Across the five menu’s you will find many different type’s of food. Some are served hot or cold. There’s a range of dietary requirements covered, vegetarian, gluten free and vegan. Scof has an extensive range of finger foods, using a variety of  main ingredients, seafood, shellfish, lamb, duck, pork, mushrooms. Not to mention the devily delicious sweet finger foods.

Will you be hosting the event at a venue you have organised? or will you be hosting it at Scof’s venue?

Wait Staff are available but not included in the price. Contact Dear Trish for details. 

Finger Food 1 Menu


Extra items are priced at $2.00 per item per person. Prices include platters and napkins. Delivery negotiable.

  • Spicy Thai Chicken Patty
    Served with chilli plum sauce
  • Vegetable Spring Rolls x 2
    With a sweet chilli dipping sauce  Vegetarian
  • Chargrilled Meatballs x2
    served with bbq sauce
  • Fried Wontons and Shao Mai
    Steamed or fried.
  • Dips with Crudites
    Served with dried breads. Served Cold. Vegetarian.
  • Salt and Pepper Calamari Fritter
    Served with garlic mayo.
  • Prawn Skyrocket
    Fried and fired
  • Sesame Chicken Fingers x2
    Spiced with kaffir lime leaf, garlic and ginger.
  • Spinach and Ricotta Spana’s
    Baked greek style pastry.Vegetarian
  • Bruschetta
    Garlic crostini topped with tomato, fetta and basil pesto
  • Felafel Patties x2
    Served with yoghurt. Server Hot and Cold. Vegetarian.
  • Crispy White Bait x2
    Fried and served with lemon mayonaisse
  • Smoked Tasmanian Salmon
    Served on your choice of Chinese spoons or Garlic croutons. Served Cold. Gluten Free Option
  • Gazpacho Shooters
    The classic chilled soup with a shot of vodka and tabasco. Served Cold. Vegetarian. Gluten Free.
  • Cones of French Fries or Wedges
    Topped with mayonaisse. Vegetarian.
  • Vegetable Samosa x2
  • Crumbed Prawn Cutlets
    served with mayo.
  • Devils on Horseback
    marinated prunes wrapped in bacon and grilled
  • Chicken Kiev Croquette
    filled with garlic butter and deep fried.
  • Chicken Popcorn
    Three tasty crunchy chicken bites deep fried.
  • Cheese, Kabana & Crackers
  • Greek Salad on a skewer
    Cherry tomato, feta, olive and cucumber, threaded on to a skewer and dowsed with olive oil, oregano and milled pepper.
  • Mini Chicken Parmigiana
    Chicken Schnitzle ( bite size )topped with tomato concasse and cheese.
  • Pork and Veal Chipolata
    Grilled and served with Tomato Chutney.
  • Green Thai Curry Shots
    scented with coriander and kaffir lime leaf.

Finger Food 2 Menu


Extra items are priced at $2.65. Prices include platters and napkins. Delivery negotiable.

  • Turkish Bread
    Topped with grilled pear, gippsland blue and caramelized onions. Served Cold. Vegetarian.
  • Party Pie & Sausage Roll
    Home-made sausage roll. Dish is accompanied with tomato relish.
  • Herb Focaccia
    Topped with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, cheese and kalamata olives. Served Warm. Vegetarian.
  • Corn and Zuchinni Cakes
    Topped with a red onion and bell pepper salsa. Served Cold. Vegetarian.
  • Char-grilled Vegetables
    On grilled polenta. Served Hot or Cold. Vegetarian.
  • Tempura Vegetables x2
    Crisp fried vegetables served with a mirin dipping sauce. Vegetarian.
  • Grilled Tofu Satay
    Vegetarian. Gluten Free.
  • Chicken and Vegetable Fritter
    Fried and served with kethcup manis
  • Seafood Dumpling (Gyoza)
    Steamed or fried, served with soy sauce.
  • Onion and Anchovy Tart
    Served Hot or Cold
  • Goujons of Seafish x2
    Fried fingers of fish with tartare sauce
  • Pork and Coriander Wontons
    Steamed or fried. Housemade.  Gluten Free
  • Chicken Saltimbocca
    Marinated chicken batons wrapped in proscuitto. Served Hot or Cold. Gluten Free.
  • Roasted Cherry Tomato
    Nestled on soft feta, drizzled with balsamic reduction and topped with either fresh basil or crisp proscuito. Served Cold. Vegetarian. Gluten Free.
  • Beetroot and Feta Tarts
    Served Cold. Vegetarian.
  • Mini Pizza
    Mini pizzas with assorted toppings. Please let us know what your preferred topping might be. (Vegetarian option).
  • Ceasar Salad Tartlets
    Ceasar Salad Tartlets
  • Prawn Twisters
    Garlic Prawns wrapped in Asian Pastry & Deep Fried
  • Indonesian Corn and Prawn Fritter
  • Californian Sushi Rolls
    Vinegared rice rolled with salmon and avocado in nori wrapping. Gluten Free
  • Herb Crumbed Risotto Shapes x2
    Accompanied by a pesto mayonaisse for dipping. Your choice of Hot and Cold.
  • Individual Quiches
    With assorted fillings e.g. Quiche Lorraine, Tomato & Mushroom, etc. Request your favourite filling. Vegetarian options available
  • Vegetarian Dumpling (Gyoza)
    Steamed or fried, served with soy sauce.
  • BBQ Pork Bun
    steamed asian style savoury pastry
  • Seafood Croquette
    Crumbed and fried.
  • Eggplant Fritter with Goats Cheese
    served in a pastry shell.
  • Fritatta with chorizo or vegetarian

Finger Food 3 Menu


Extra items are priced at $3.30.  Prices include platters and napkins. Delivery negotiable.

  • Chicken Satay
    Moistened with sweet chilli and satay sauce. Gluten Free.
  • Marinated Artichokes
    Wrapped in proscuitto and served on a pamesan wafer. Gluten Free.
  • Chargrilled Lamb
    Draped over a vegetable and polenta stack
  • Balmain Bug and Snowpea Spring Rolls
    Balmain Bug and Snowpea Spring Rolls
    Served with mirin and soy dipping sauce. Gluten Free. Other fillings are available upon request.
  • Shucked Oysters
    Shucked Oysters
    Garnished and served in a Chinese spoon or a shot glass. Gluten Free.
  • Scallop and Bacon Brochette
    Scallop and Bacon Brochette
    Grilled and finished with a lemon honey glaze
  • Duck Crepes
    Filled with pickled vegetables and marinated duck breast. Gluten Free.
  • Tempura Prawn Fritters
    Served with a chillo aoli
  • Petite Potato Rosti
    Petite Potato Rosti
    Topped with crème friache and salmon caviar. Gluten Free
  • Prawn and Vegetable Straw Rolls
    Prawn and Vegetable Straw Rolls
    Wrapped in rice paper. Gluten Free.
  • Pork and Asian Greens
    Wrapped in rice paper, scented with thai basil and mint. Gluten Free.
  • Asparagus or Spinach and Brie Tartlets
    Other fillings available. Served Warm. Gluten Free.
  • Eye Fillet Satay
    Moistened with sweet chilli and satay sauce. Gluten Free.
  • Petite Cabbage Rolls
    Vegetable filling with a smokey tomato sauce. Vegetarian. Gluten Free.
  • Gourmet Pies
    Choose from beef bourginonne, chicken & leek, sheperds, chilli pork or seafood.
  • Marlin and Knotted Seaweed Salad
    Marlin and Knotted Seaweed Salad
    With Wasabi mayonaisse
  • Minted Lamb Roulade
    Bound in a pita crust
  • Soft Shell Crab
    Soft Shell Crab
    Deep fried crispy portions. Gluten Free.
  • Poached Prawns
    In asian broth, served in a Chinese Thimble. Gluten Free.
  • Tomato and Ouzo Tea
    Tomato and Ouzo Tea
    Served with grilled Haloumi cheese. Vegetarian. Gluten Free.
  • Pork Picatta
    Escallops of pork fillet coated with a parmasen crumb and served with a tomato relish or basil pesto
  • Cubic Canard
    Duck rillette, cubed, crumbed and deep fried. Served with a baby gherkin and onion.
  • Braised Pork Belly
    Served on a Chinese spoon with beetroot jam. Gluten Free.
  • Smoked Salmon
    Hot smoked and served with honey and dill mayonaisse. Gluten Free.
  • Burrito el Gringo
    Mini Burritos, served open. Choose from Chicken, Prawn and Vegetarian.
  • Cornish Pastie
    Premium minced lamb, and mirepoix wrapped in short crust pastry and baked golden brown. Served with tomato and leek sauce.
  • Curry Puff
    Hand made Indo style potato curry puff.
  • Vegetable and Tofu Brochette
    Grilled. Gluten Free
  • Crab Claw Wonton
    Steamed and served with a coriander and ginger sauce.

Sweet Finger Food Menu


Extra items are priced at $3.00.  Prices include platters and napkins. Delivery negotiable.

  • Lemon Curd Tarts
  • Profiteroles
    Profiteroles filled with rich french custard
  • Individual Flourless Chocolate Tortes
  • Creme Brulee
    Served in China thimbles
  • Hazlenut Maringues
    Filled with blueberry mousse
  • Chocolate Praline Truffles
  • Petite Fruit Flans
  • Chocolate & Pecan Tarts
  • Sticky Date Fruit Puddings
  • Almond and Pear Tarts
  • Raspberry Friandes
  • Petit Plum Puddings
  • Affageto
  • Baklava Cigars
  • White Chocolate Mousse
  • Orange Almond Torte
  • Lemon and Ginger Cheesecake
  • White Chocolate and Berry Pudding
    served with a vanilla anglaise

Mini Meals

Mini Meal items are priced at $5.50 per item.

  • Fish’n Chips
    Served in paper cones with tartare sauce.
  • Vegetable Brochettes
    Skewered vegetables grilled & napped with hollaindaise. Gluten Free.
  • Thai Pumpkin Curry Noodle Box
  • Nasi Goreng
    Served as vegetarian or with chicken and prawns. Gluten Free.
  • Tea cups of Risotto
    Speak to our chef regarding your choice. Gluten Free.
  • Smoked Salmon
    On crostini & roquette or dill scones
  • Petite Burgers
    Choose from: Beef & red onion marmalade, Balsamic chicken, Lamb kofka & yoghurt, Spicy Asian fish pattie.
  • Pierogi
    Russian potato dumplings topped with sour cream & chives. Vegetarian.
  • Stirfry Calamari
    Served in a noodle box.
  • Potato Curry Puffs
    With satay sauce. Vegetarian.
  • Curry in a Hurry
    Your choice, served with rice. Gluten Free.
  • Veal Stroganoff
    Served in a vol au vent
  • Slow Braised Lamb Moussaka
    Gluten Free.
  • Penne Pasta
    Your choice of sauce
  • Traditional Lasagne
    Served in a cappuccino cup.
  • Classic Prawn Cocktail
    3 Crystal Bay prawns served with crisp lettuce and cocktail sauce. Chilled.
  • Hot Dogs
    served with caramelised onions.